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Cloud for Consumers

Revolutionizing Consumer Experience with Seamless Access, Collaborative Intelligence, and AI Computing.

Pre-Paid Cloud Storage Service

Amaryllo presents a groundbreaking prepaid cloud storage solution, transforming the way individuals handle their digital resources. With Amaryllo, a single payment grants users access to an expansive and adaptable cloud storage capacity, offering unmatched flexibility and scalability. Enjoy the ease of effortless data management across various devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, VR headsets, and desktop computers. Amaryllo ensures effortless file access and control, empowering you to retrieve or safeguard your valuable data whenever and wherever the need arises.

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Cloud Video Storage

Amaryllo Home Security offers continuous video storage on the cloud, allowing users to securely store their footage for an extended period of time. With continuous rolling storage, the system captures and saves video footage in a continuous manner, ensuring that no critical moments are missed.  The cloud storage provided by Amaryllo allows users to store their video footage for up to 365 days. This extended storage duration ensures that users have access to historical footage and can review past events if needed. To protect the data and ensure privacy, Amaryllo employs the highest level of military-grade encryption, specifically 256-bit encryption. This encryption standard is widely recognized for its robustness and is used by various organizations to safeguard sensitive information. By implementing this encryption, Amaryllo ensures that only authorized individuals can access and view the video footage. 


Amaryllo harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence and service-enabled technology to provide holistic solutions. Our offerings include biometric cameras, unlimited video storage, and 24/7 professional monitoring services. Additionally, we excel in integrating and installing smart building systems, elevating your building's intelligence and operational efficiency to new heights.

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Within our sprawling 450,000-square-foot production facility, Amaryllo manufactures an extensive range of memory products. From high-performance SSDs and RAM modules to versatile flash drives and microSD cards, our offerings cater to both commercial and consumer needs, serving a broad spectrum of business clients.

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