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Amaryllo Acquires Mobro Technology to Redefine Smart Vending and Automated Retail

IRVINE, California, June 12, 2024 – Amaryllo Inc., a pioneer in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions and hyperscale data center services, proudly announces its acquisition of Mobro Technology, the industry-leading provider of smart vending machines. This strategic move enhances Amaryllo’s portfolio, ushering in a new era of innovative business analytics driven by advanced machine learning algorithms.

Mobro Technology is acclaimed for its smart vending machines, which provide businesses with invaluable insights and unmatched convenience. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Mobro transforms ordinary vending operations into intelligent, data-driven enterprises, optimizing business performance and enabling informed decision-making.

Joanne Chen, Chairman of Mobro, commented, "We are thrilled to integrate with Amaryllo's platform, which offers an incredible array of resources, capabilities, and scale. This partnership marks an exciting chapter in our journey to redefine data-driven business solutions."

Marcus Yang, President of Amaryllo, shared, "The acquisition of Mobro Technology represents a pivotal moment in Amaryllo's evolution. It aligns seamlessly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering advanced AI technologies to the market."

This acquisition underscores Amaryllo's dedication to revolutionizing data-driven business solutions. With Mobro's expertise in smart vending technology and Amaryllo's proven track record of innovation, the combined entity is poised to redefine the future of analytics-driven enterprises on a global scale.

About Amaryllo: 

Amaryllo, a leading PaaS company, specializes in vertical cloud services and hyperscale data center solutions. It empowers partners with innovative, service-driven products to monetize their user base. Operating in over 100 countries, Amaryllo offers analytical software, biometric technology, and vertical cloud storage, and is a direct vendor of Supermicro. These integrated services deliver comprehensive vertical solutions to targeted markets.

About Mobro Technology:

Founded in 2014, Mobro quickly became a leader in smart vending machines and automated retail. Committed to innovation, Mobro partners with businesses to enter the cost-effective automated retail market. Their advanced machines offer seamless user interactions, multiple payment options, and real-time operator communication. Utilizing IoT, these machines analyze sales trends, inventory levels, and performance metrics, enhancing user experience, increasing revenue, and reducing costs.

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