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Reinvent Business with Cloud

Empower Enterprise with High-Performance Cloud Computing and Low-Cost Cloud Storage

A Cloud Service Platform Company

Amaryllo is a cloud service platform company specializing in vertical cloud services. Through continuous innovation and cost-effective integration, Amaryllo empowers partners with service-enabled products, enabling parters to monetize their user base. With users spanning over 100 countries and a proven track record of delivering exceptional products and solutions, Amaryllo offers an extensive portfolio encompassing analytics software, biometric technology, and vertical cloud storage to targeted markets.

Track Record of Excellence

Market Challenging & Opportunity

Amaryllo empowers brands or enterprises with flexible and scalable cloud solutions

Cloud service plays a pivotal role for brands and enterprises to generate recurring revenue; however, constructing a cost-efficient cloud infrastructure can be daunting. Our business is to provide cloud storage and computing services through brand partners to their users. Users subscribe or pay to brands, managed by Amaryllo. Amaryllo then pays royalty to brand partners.


Enhanced Infrastructure Security Solutions


Cloud Storage For Consumers & Businesses


Blockchain Powered File Encryption App

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High Performance 

Cloud Computing

Innovative myHPcloud Debuts One-Time Payment Cloud Storage 

Amaryllo proudly unveils myHPcloud at CES 2024. This launch is made possible through a strategic trademark licensing agreement with the renowned global tech giant HP Inc. 

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Turnkey Solutions for Hyperscale Data Centers

Revolutionizing hyperscale data center advancement with Amaryllo's one-stop service. Learn how to quickly deploy to market with our turnkey solutions.

World's 1st Blockchain-Powered Encryption App

Safeguard your digital assets and secure files with ease while securely sharing them with verified users on the go. Patented encryption technology to ensure the highest protection.

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Smart Vending Machine Solutions

Supply cost-effective, personalized vending machines to cater to the needs of both small businesses and large retail chains.

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